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tv   Martin Bashir  MSNBC  April 4, 2013 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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they wouldn't really do that, would they? could they? all right. that does it for "the cycle." martin bashir, it's all yours. thanks so much, krystal. good afternoon, it's thursday april the 4th. those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it. >> it's clear the american people want change. just one problem, republicans don't. >> you've been hearing that somehow somebody's taking away your guns, get the facts. >> in connecticut the statehouse followed the senate in passing what is being called the nation's toughest gun laws. >> we're not proprosing a gun legislation system. we're proposing background checks for criminals. >> looks like the senate is going to vote on that coming up maybe this week. >> this is what americans want. yet republicans refuse to compromise. >> think about it. how often do 90% of americans afr agree on anything? >> parties that ignore what 90%
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of the american public think lose elections. >> we're losing! >> it's going to be "morning joe" versus "colbert report." >> oh. oh. it is on. ♪ you don't understand my point of view ♪ ♪ i suppose there's nothing i can do ♪ it is a very busy thursday and we're following developing stories on multiple fronts this afternoon. including growing concern about north korea as that volatile nation moves a missile with considerable range to its east coast. warning that in their words, the moment of explosion is approaching fast. defense secretary chuck hagel has said that these threats to guam, hawaii and the u.s. mainland have to be taken seriously. also this afternoon, the state of connecticut did what too few in congress seem capable of doing. they stood up to the robo calls, the naysayers, the nra, and
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their band of bullies, and passed sweeping gun safety legislation. yes, at the bill's signing, a mother who lost one of her two precious little boys in newtown shooting urged congress to show the same courage. >> you have listened. my son, jake, every child in connecticut, will be safer because of that. this makes me hopeful despite everything we've been reading, the u.s. senate will also take time to listen to us when we go to washington next week. >> that's the same hope shared by the president who will visit connecticut on monday, and who delivered his own argument for gun reform backed by a wall of blue uniformed police officers in denver on wednesday. and that event came just a few hours before what we begin with today. growing evidence of an increasingly disjointed and vulnerable gop. last night, the president rallied the troops, so to speak,
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with a fund-raiser for the democratic congressional campaign committee in san francisco. his message, we can take the house. yes, the president said, "i would love nothing better than an effective, loyal opposition that is willing to meet us halfway to move the country forward, but i would be dishonest if i didn't say that it would be a whole lot easier to govern if i had nancy pelosi as speaker." earlier, he said, "i expect that she is going to be once again the speaker of the house." and why not? the speech came amidst a backdrop of withering news for the gop. new polls show americans see congressional republicans as less trustworthy than the president. perhaps a factor in the house gop's dismal 24% approval rating. polls show they're behind the thinking of americans on a variety of issues. on guns, 91% of americans favor
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universal background checks. on immigration, 59% of the public favors a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. and the rapidly evolving issue of same-sex marriage has reached the threshold of 50% support. it's not helping that just in the last week, one republican congressman used a racial slur to describe latinos and another linked gun control to sex with animals. one might begin to see why the president is hopeful about the house. for more on this, now, i want to bring in former republican congressman joe walsh, now host of the "joe walsh show" on a.m. 560 called "the answer." with us from chicago. good afternoon, sir. great of you to join us. >> martin, good to be with you. >> mr. walsh, you, yourself, personally have had the humbling experience of being beaten by around ten points last november,
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just as republicans lost a second consecutive presidential election. what is your assessment of where the gop has gone wrong? >> i don't know that it's where we've gone wrong, martin. the gop's having a fight. i mean, we're having a bit of a revolution in the party. we're trying to figure out our way. and, look, we got our butts handed to us in november. we did lose. we lost around the country. many republicans like myself fell victim to redistricting, but fair is fair, we lost and there are a lot of republicans, martin, that think the way to be successful and to win is to just sound more like democrats. and if we can do that, maybe just maybe we'll be more successful. i don't think that's the way to go. i think republicans have to take the hard road which is saying that we're over $100 trillion in debt, we can't keep giving the
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american people all these things. we have to stand for freedom and limited government, but we're having that fight, martin, within the party. >> okay. so let's focus for a moment on the fight within the party, mr. walsh. the republicans' "autopsy" report into last year's debacle, presented as you know by reince priebus, chairman, says the party is one of tolerance and respect. and i'm quoting him. "and needs to ensure the tone of our message is always reflective of these koecore principles." so was it basically the tone was wrong? is that why you lost the last election? or was it policy? >> oh, gosh, no. yeah, i don't buy that "autopsy." look -- >> you don't buy the "autopsy" by reince priebus? >> no, i'm actually agreeing with you, i think, martin. it's too easy for us to blame the tone. all republicans and democrats need to improve their tone. but right now, martin, to be honest, our message, i mean,
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look, it's easy to be a democrat in this country. all you want to do, martin, is not you, yourself, we want to give people things and we're growing government and we're going broke. now, republicans, our message is, we're not going to give you things. we want you to be free and more responsible for your own life. it's our message right now, martin, that's not connecting with the american people. so the reason we're having an internal fight is you've got a lot of republicans that say, hey, it's working for democrats if we give people stuff, maybe republicans should say that. i think that would be a disaster for the party. >> when you say, mr. walsh, "give people stuff," you are echoing the words of the great mitt romney who, of course, described 47% of this nation's people, population, as being a bunch of feckless free loaders. now, is that an issue of tone or content? because that appeared to be his policy position. he didn't seem to be wavering much from what you were just
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saying and yet the electorate decided they did not want mr. romney. >> well, again, martin, i'm not running from what mitt romney said. i don't think he said they were feckless free loaders. what you and i both know is we have a government right now, as we sit here right now, we have a government we can't afford. we have a government that does too much for too many people. and all of washington is trying to figure out how to fix that, but we know that we're broke. so what we as republicans need to do is say, i'm not going to sound like a democrat and keep expanding what we give people. martin, somebody in washington has got to be honest with the american people and say, we can't afford all of this. and if republicans say that, martin, and it costs us an election or two, so be it. we have to be an adult here. >> okay. well, and i'm not going to go over the fact that paul ryan's budget would actually have given massive tax cuts to the rich and
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increase the deficit. according to on analysis by economists. to you not find it problematic that republicans seem increasingly out of step, a opposing a path to citizenship which most americans support, opposing background checks which 91% of this nation supports? can you not see that aside from the tone that reince priebus talked about, the american people don't appear to share the views of the republican party on these major issues. >> well, and if that's the case, martin, then republic ans are going to have trouble at the ballot box until we can show the american people that our message of freedom and limited government works. look, if 91% of americans support universal background checks, then the president and harry reid should have no problem, right? passing that out of the senate.
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it's interesting, to me, martin, that that is all this president now is left to talk about is background checks. whatever happened to the ban on assault weapons, the ban on the high-clip magazines? all he's talking about now is background checks. just don't blame republicans for that, martin. there are a lot of democrats in the senate -- >> of course. >> -- who don't want some of these restrictions. >> although, mr. walsh, as you know full well, the reason why this is happening is because the president is being realistic and he recognizes getting anything through the house of congress that the moment is virtually impossible. bull but let's go back if we may to your position of knowledge and authority on the gop. you take someone like bobby jindal who says stop being the party of stupid. and suddenly his poll numbers are falling. but then you have a republican member of congress saying this about limiting gun magazines. take a listen. >> why would you draw the line at ten?
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what's wrong with 9 or 11? and the problem is once you draw that limit, it's kind of like marriage. when you say, it's not a man and a woman anymore, then why not have three men and one woman? or four women and one man? or why not, you know, somebody has a love for an animal? >> so if you can't have 30 rounds in your rifle, you might end up having sex with a donkey. what is he talking about? >> well, and, again, i don't know, martin, how he quite equated those two. let me make a point. >> well, sorry, mr. walsh. just to mention, though, mr. gohmert is not alone in making this absurd analogy between gun control and somehow ending up with bestiality. >> okay. and i won't go there because i won't make that analogy. >> so you don't agree with -- you don't agree with what mr. gohmert says? >> no, i don't agree, and i've
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never heard before what mr. gohmert said. so i don't even want to comment on it. but i will say this rush toward gun control legislation just like this rush toward redefining marriage, though eventually maybe the country will move in these directions, i think a lot of republicans are simply saying, stop and let's think about this. is marriage simply about love, martin, or what about the children? what about the kids? we don't even talk about that. >> well, we do, and it's interesting you use the word "rush" in relation to gun control, because i cannot recall anything that the federal government has yet done in this rush toward reforming gun safety legislation. but anyway, we mentioned congressman don young earlier, and his remark calling latino workers wetbacks. now, he apologized after something of an outcry including criticism from speaker john boehner among others. but you tweeted in response, and i'm quoting, "the mainstream
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media has made it so hard to be real and speak from the heart that it's impossible to be human. political correctness is killing this country." so the freedom to speak racial epithets from the heart, is that what we need in this country? >> no, you know what we need, martin? we need republicans and democrats who aren't afraid to speak. and when they make a mistake, like congressman don young did, he apologized right away. >> he didn't apologize right away, sir. he didn't apologize right away. in fact, he offered something of an early corrective, only when he was stampeded by speaker john boehner did he actually apologize. let's just get the facts in relation to that. >>. no, believe me, it had nothing to do with being stampeded by john boehner. when he realized what he said, h he apologized. but he apologized. martin, here's what your profession is leading us toward. you are going to get republicans and democrats who are afraid to speak on anything except with their political consultant tells
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them to say because they're so afraid to make a mistake. we all make mistakes. what we want is our politicians, when they do step in it on occasion, to apologize. >> mr. walsh -- >> and move on. yes? >> mr. walsh, do you really think his use of the term "wetback" was a mistake? the way he delivered it in that context appears to be sting he would say naturally and very much consistent with the way he thinks. >> oh, gosh, no, martin, that's not fair at all. and, no, that's not fair. and there you go again creating a narrative.
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i'm glad that you're accepting responsibility. i think that ultimately with your leaving, your accept the culpability for the worst tragedy since 9/11 and i really mean that. had i been president at the time and i found that you did not read the cables from benghazi, did not read the cables from ambassador stevens, i would have relieved you of your post. >> oh, yes, benghazi. who knew it would be our first taste of 2016 intrigue? on one side, hillary clinton, who today announced plans to write a history of her time as secretary of state. on the other side, rand paul who we've learned today will be keynote speaker at a republican dinner in new hampshire ten days after performing the same function in iowa. and joining us now is david corn, washington bureau chief for "mother jones" nag dean and joy reid, the managing editor of the welcome to you both. "time" magazine is calling rand
1:20 pm
paul a rebel in its latest issue. he certainly rebelled against the facts involving benghazi. do republicans want this particular rebel as their new standard bearer? >> i wish them well with rand paul. you know, i hate to say this to all the youngsters out there. but i think we're going to have our paul on the presidential ticket probably for the next 40 years. ron paul made a lot of money getting his e-mail list strong and bringing in people from all sorts of right wing causes which he got a cut of by running for president again and again and again. i think rand paul is on the same track here. the "time" magazine piece you just flashed was kind of disappointing because they didn't make the obvious point that this gigantic anti-drone filibuster that rand paul mounted was completely phony. he was filibustering against a false issue that the obama administration -- >> but david -- >> -- using drones. but yet, the -- to finish my point -- >> okay.
1:21 pm
get on with it. >> finish my point. it shows you how desperate conservatives and republicans are for stars that they'll even take someone who mccain calls a wackobird and give him the crown, at least for a couple days. >> david, just to be fair to rab rand paul, he's an antidote to someone as inauthentic and totally fabricated as moitt romn romney. you can't say his value to them is because they're desperate. he also does have a level of authenticity. let's be honest, doesn't he? >> you know, i won't go as far as saying he's authentic. i think there are a lot of things he's done which have been pretty phony. he is a tea partyer trying in some ways to run a little bit from his extreme isolationism which is going to give neocons a fit if he succeeds in doing that. i mean, he is not, you know, this, you know, truly authentic populist who comes riding in but represents the tea party riwingf
1:22 pm
the party. i wish the republicans well in trying to sort this out. >> joy, including in addition to his speeches i mentioned just now in new hampshire and iowa, he's going to address the nation's college, howard university. what do you think he's going to try to achieve by establishing the students of that great establishment? >> i think i know what my travel plans are now for next wednesday. i'm going. it is an interesting strategy, and i'm a little bit different on this than david corn. what i have to give the pauls credit for, if you go to a ron paul rally back in the day when ron paul was running for president and two to, let's say, a mitt romney rally, one of them was like going to the old folk's home. the romney rally, all of the people were very elderly. if you go to a ron paul rally, these are young people. >> most of them are stoned. >> i refuse to -- >> i'm sorry. >> what the pauls have been very smart about doing is realizing that ayn randism, libertarianism, has an appeal to younger conservatives. it tends to be where young
1:23 pm
conserve datives are. this idea of being on my own, having the government out of everything and drinking milk that isn't pattureized and all that stuff. >> rand paul is not a libertarian when it comes to social problems -- >> they believe about government out of everything except your womb. your womb, the government needs to get right in there. what ron paul failed to do is make his sort of wing of the party palatable to the mainstream. what he wants his son to do, a lot of people believe this is why ron paul didn't run as a libertarian, an independent. he wanted to preserve enough of his republican brand for his son to be able to fix the parts that didn't work in mainstream. rand paul is trying to take paulism mainstream. he's going to run for president. he has no more chance of being president than i do, but he's going to run. >> actually i think you have a very good chance at being president. but david, you were going to say? >> i hereby nominate joy ann reid. but, no, the -- i think there is a pretty, you know, natural ceiling on rand paul's support. you know, he doesn't fall into a
1:24 pm
lot of traditional boxes on the republican side, particularly in foreign policy. the establishment is going to come down on him pretty hard if he gets too far along toward 2016. but he will be this perennial burr in the side of the republican party because he does have that natural consistency. p people who are down in the basement doing money bombs and who will cheer him on. >> buying gold. >> and go, you know, he'll be their -- >> david corn, joy reid, with that we must cease. thank you. coming up, sean hannity uses the rutgers scandal to extol the virtues of child abuse. nice. stay with us. [ birds chirping ]
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from george w. bush, party animal, and the mark of the beast, to lawyers, guns, and money. here are today's top lines. bully. >> appalachian hiker are extremely poor sense of direction. >> are we ready to do this, nation? >> when you're out at a frat party, were you ever thinking, you know, i don't want to have that beer, i might be running for president? >> no. >> party animals in chief. one side of their mouth is singing -- ♪ it's the end of the world ♪ party rocking in the white house tonight ♪ justin timberlake. >> the republican party, why are they so tone deaf? >> they had an outreach and inclusion problem, has sort of become the jesus moment. they prefer wetback americans. you're a smart man, a neurosurgeon. you get gay people are not like bestiality. what is it with you people and the animal [ bleep ]?
1:32 pm
>> political lly nuanced, religiously nuanced discussion of gay marriage. humans have rights and get to do what humans get to do. case closed. good night. >> it's great to see congress is also making progress. >> if you're selling a gun, wouldn't you want to know who you're selling it to no. >> we come here a lot. >> nothing i'm nervous about. >> some senators might use obscure procedural stunts. >> we will filibuster the bill. >> i don't care what party they belong to. that's what they want. they just want to see some progress. >> an extra permit or a fine is going to stop someone who's a mass murderer? >> we have to be able to put ourselves in the other person's shoes. >> you know, i love my kimber 1911 .45 caliber. >> i'm a marksman. i also like my new shotgun. >> i don't like it. >> this story kind of infuriates me.
1:33 pm
i got a paddle in high school. my mom hit me with a belt. i turned out okay. >> let's get right to our panel. joining us now in washington, is "washington post" columnist, dana milbank. msnbc contributor, jimmy williams and karen finney, a former communications director for the dnc. and a newly named anchor here on msnbc. so hang in there, karen. let's start with you, dana. we just saw in our top lines a clip from asa hutchison's appearance in washington. the guy rolled in with more bodyguards an justin bieber. you write about the gun goons, i'm quoting you. "about 20 of them, roughly 1 for every 3 reporters fanned out through the national press club, some in uniforms with gun holsters exposed, others with ear pieces and bulges under their suit jackets." rachel maddow was talking about the bullying at this event last night. gun goons, bullying, photographers. is this how the nra and gun
1:34 pm
lobby chooses to woo the press, by bullying? >> well, martin, i was not paddled as a child. my judgment may be suspect in this. i thought it a bit odd to go to the national press club, the very heart of the first amendment in this country and find that they were searching reporterses, they had these ropes cordoned off. they had these big burly guys with bulges in their jackets. some with the guns actually exposed telling people when they could take pictures, when they couldn't, keeping them away from the lectern. it felt like a banana republic, they were protecting some sort of dictator. the guy they were protecting, asa hutchison, most of us couldn't have picked him out of a lineup in the first place. the whole idea with these guys, might makes right, if they have the guns, everybody has to listen to them. >> wow. what an example of that. jimmy, we read an interesting report in ruppeert murdoch's "wl street journal." there are more states that passed pro-gun laws than any
1:35 pm
passing gun control. you have six states who have strengthened gun laws. on the other hand, ten states are reported to have weakened their gun laws. jim, does mat mean the bullies are winning? >> the bullies usually win until someone steps in and says, you don't bully. listen, the states have always had this sort of -- the feds and the states have always had this back and forth about this federalism idea. this was the main debate amongst the old white dudes with wigs and slaves when they founded the country. who gets what power? what you're finding here is you're finding these certain states, usually conservative states saying, you know what, we're going to but these things on, say you can buy any gun you want, et cetera, any time, blah, blah, blah and have other states where tragedies happen. connecticut, colorado, et cetera, doing the exact opposite. the question becomes, what effect does that have on what the feds will do? oh, you mean the guys behind me in the window back here? they'll do nothing. they'll barely do leg. if they even pass background checks, i'll be remarkably
1:36 pm
surprised. this is a total lack of courage on these states' parts and frankly a lack of courage on these guys part. they're not being honorable, are they? >> it seems, karen, a lot of bullies out there are not just talking about the gun lobby, but also you have the former rutgers basketball coach, mike rice. most people, as you know, reacted in horror to his bullying that was caught on tape, but there was one person who actually defended him. take a listen. >> i can understand, stop hilting them maybe. i like the intensity, i like the drive. i like he's pushing those kids and runs a tight ship. maybe we need a little more discipline in society and maybe don't have to be a bunch of wimps for rest of our lives. my father hit with a belt. i turned out okay. >> same here. >> karen, i don't understand. it's one thing to be against political correctness, but are they now defending abuse? i like the intensity, says mr. hannity, i like the drive. what, calling people the "f" word? >> i think we have to ask
1:37 pm
ourselves, you know, i mean, i think bullies understand bullying. right? that's what they understand. you're talking about a particular host who tends to bully on a lot of different issues. so why are we surprised that their response is, you know, about bullying? right? that that kind of show of force is acceptable? i have to tell you i was a college athlete in a pac-10 sport. the coach who helped me develop my skill was the one who helped me get the best performance, not the one who screamed at me, right? that doesn't work with students. but it's not surprising that people who bully think that bullying is what works. can i just say when it comes to the gun issue -- >> we. >> -- center for american progress also put out a report yesterday that pointed out the states with the weaker gun laws happen to have higher incidence of gun violence. i think we have to get that in the mix as you point out, rupert murdoch's "wall street journal." there's a clear correlation here being missed. >> dana, going back on mr.
1:38 pm
hannity's comment there, he said he was hit with a belt and he turned out okay. what's your assessment of that as a recommendation for i guess discipline in the home? >> that kind of explains things, does it, martin. >> what does it explain, dana? what does it explain? >> he has, perhaps, made the case against corporal punishment better than anybody else could. now, i think to tie these two issues together, if more college athletes were carrying guns, fewer college coaches would be bul bullies. >> well, that's actually true. jimmy, what's your reaction to this idea that this coach represents a day gone by when people upheld discipline, they put children and students if their place? and now we're living in a period of political correctness and wussification. >> i don't think this has to do with pc or wussification. i went to the sididel for my
1:39 pm
undergraduate. not every kid in america should go to their schools. they're very different. do you get hazed? yes. do you ge get bullied? yes. do they beat you? they do. that doesn't make it right for rutgers, or basketball court, or tennis court or any kind of public institution where you're supposed to be motivated positively. the guy called -- that coach -- i use that term very loosely -- >> jimmy, does beating really have a place in the citadel? >> let me finish my statement. again, not every kid or college, you know, college-aged kid should two togo to a school whet happens to you. those are special military schools. i'm not suggesting it's right or wrong. what i will suggest, what the coach did by yelling profanities at them, throwing balls at them, that has no place in any private or public institution for that matter. i'm not condoning bullying. don't confuse me with condoning bullying. >> let's also remember the slurs were homophobic. >> yes. >> there should be no place for
1:40 pm
that. >> absolutely not. >> in the public institution. and secondly, what i find most troubling, and i hate that we're having this conversation, yet again, college sports need to get their act together. >> yes. >> here we have a situation, this was discovered months ago. the only reason we're having this conversation and this man was fired was because they got caught. they got outed. not because anybody suddenly realized, hey, this was really bad stuff. right? so, i mean, there's a much larger problem here in terms of college sports, "a." "b," the whole concept of bullying in our culture. and "c," the nra is a whole bunch of bullies. if we don't stand up to them, we're not going to get the gun safety measures we need. >> i wonder if we took the belt to members of congress we might make some problem. dana milbank, jimmy williams, karen finney. coming up, dylan rat begiga the white house.
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in their latest act of provocation, north korea has now positioned a medium-range missile on its eastern coast. experts say the missile is easily capable of reaching japan, but not powerful enough to deliver a strike to the united states mainland. the move comes just a day after the defense department says it will deploy an anti-ballistic missile defense system to the u.s. military base in guam in response for rising tensions in the region. more we turn to peter alexander.
1:45 pm
pete, virtually every day for the past week we've seen north korea take a provocative action, whether positioning a missile, reactivating a disused reactor. what do your sources at the white house say is behind all this? i just finished a conversation with an official inside the white house just a matter of minutes ago and they say this is familiar. this is not something that they haven't seen before. it's a familiar pattern of behavior as my source told me that this is not unexpected but acknowledged it's obviously extremely concerning. they say they acknowledge, they don't know what the calculous is right now by kim jong-un. they have far less experience dealing with him as it were than they do with his father in the past which is why they're taking all the precautions that the u.s. is taking to protect its allies and itself at this time. >> some analysts are saying the north is simply issuing empty threats. that this is purely about kim jong-un enhancing his own reputation within the region, yet defense secretary chuck hagel referred yesterday to what i'm quoting him saying, he said "it was a real and clear danger." so should we treat these actions as bluster? as opposed to
1:46 pm
1:47 pm
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1:49 pm
the white house tradition
1:50 pm
continued today. thanks to the first lady. s for the fifth year in a row she was joined by schoolchildren from around the country in her vegetable garden on the south lawn. this year she invited kids from schools which have made great strides in healthier eating. but those kids weren't the only special guests at the white house today. and we're joined now by our old friend, dylan ratigan who attended the first lady's planting. he's joined by sergeant collin, the founder and ceo of archie's acres, also a marine who served in iraq including the second battle of fallujah. if i might begin with the great dylan ratigan, dylan, you're always rubbing shoulders with the powerful an influential. today is nothing new. you were in the white house. what exactly were you doing? >> let's be very clear, martin. i was busy harassing and cajoling various senators and policymakers to the benefits of
1:51 pm
hydroponic agriculture. it was sergeant archiplay along with former bradley commander, mike haynes, nine year combat veteran, served in the invasion of iran and was a recon marine, and collin's wife, karen, who you might have seen in the video in the green t-shirts doing their planting. the general, his wife, and myself. we were close to the garden but not as close as the sergeant was to my left. >> dylan ratigan orders other people to do the work. sergeant, since returning from combat, you were named one of the most creative businesspeople. you're involved in the veterans sustainable agriculture training program. what should our viewers know about this program, sir? >> well, you should know there's a huge investment taxpayers make in military, in the military community. we're not capitalizing on
1:52 pm
investment when we return home from war. these are people with very high capacity. we need to tap into that capacity and create more entrepreneurs and job creators and we think that the agriculture community is a great place for that. there's a ray of problems within the agriculture community. we think we have the solution by tapping into the talent pool of returning combat veterans. >> how did you stumble across the great dylan ratigan? >> he came to southern california on his own program, if you will. we met him at an event we were invited to. he was talking and saying things -- >> tell the truth, he insulted me. >> that's not unusual. dylan, the cdc now estimates more than one in three children in this nation is either a obese or overweight. the first lady's let's move initiative is trying to address this very real health crisis, yet so many in this country never cease in attacking her and pretending that this isn't a problem. why do they persist on doing
1:53 pm
that? >> i think you and i both know, and i think collin is aware of this as well, there's an unfortunate culture in our country that is predicated on blaming somebody else or on attacking somebody else in general. i think it's actually a tremendous credit to the first lady specifically that she invited collin, that she invited karen, and she invited the rest of the members of the archie's acres team into her garden today to plant it. specifically because i believe she is above this, quite candidly. i believe the first lady is an individual who is explicitly attempting to show a positive path forward by highlighting not only the importance of our relationship with food with our children, but the importance of our veterans like collin and karen as the leaders, the community leaders, that they are, and the high capacity leaders that they are to move forward. so, you know, the attacks i think are ultimately a function of the standard petty nonsense of the, those who feel that power is best accumulated by the
1:54 pm
destruction of other people's character. i don't think that the first lady is one of those people. i think that she's actually somebody who seeks to lead by demonstrating a healthy path forward and i think that was demonstrated today by her decision to collaborate with collin and our colleagues at archie's acres. >> sergeant, i'm assuming you welcome the first lady's apoaaph to this issue. >> absolutely. what she's offering costs taxpayers nothing. go out, eat better. one of the biggest causes of bankruptcy is our health care costs. one of the greatest risks to our defense because young people can't make the weight requirements, physical requirements to be a marine or a soldier. so those are huge issues. her just going out there and saying, let's eat better, let's exercise, costs taxpayers nothing and reduce the household cost in health care and means we can spend money elsewhere. >> very briefly and finally, dylan, you'll be going back to continue your work in california? >> yeah, we're meeting with the white house in a roundtable for
1:55 pm
two hours tomorrow morning to go over in greater detail the opportunity that we think exists and are demonstrating for our veterans to scale this program nationally. both to solve the unemployment problem, the food problem and ultimately the food desert problem in this country with one fell swoop. then we're flying back out west to finish raising the investment funds to complete the national rollout. then we'll be coming back east in a few months, martin, to begin the construction of eastern greenhouses and really begin a significant rollout of veteran-led greenhouses. >> dylan ratigan, and sergeant collin, as ever, thank you both, gentlemen. thank you. we'll be right back. [ jackie ] it's just so frustrating... ♪ the middle of this special moment and i need to run off to the bathroom. ♪ i'm fed up with always having to put my bladder's needs ahead of my daughter. ♪ so today, i'm finally talking to my doctor
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mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the lord. >> it was exactly 45 years ago at around 6:00 p.m. this evening that one of the most transcendent figures to grace this nation was assassinated. dr. martin luther king jr. was killed by a single gunshot wound as he stood on a balcony at the lorraine hotel in memphis. just four years before his death, the nobel peace prize committee honored dr. king for combatting racial injustice through nonviolence. and in his acceptance speech, 49 years ago, dr. king said something that still resonates as a challenge to all of us today. "there is a sort of poverty of spirit which still stands in glaring contrast to our scientific and technological abundance. the richer we've become materially, the poorer we've become morally and spiritually. we've learned to fly the air like birds and swi


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